WiiNewsNReviews – April 27, 2008

In Today’s show we discuss: -Everybody’s Nintendo Channel -The Conduit (New FPS game for Wii) -Announce our Mario Kart Wii Contest Winner We also talk about: -New Quantum 3 engine -Epic games against the Wii -A heartfelt story -Deca Sports -Guitar Hero IV(4) -Okami -Vitual Console Releases -Need for Speed:Prostreet -Thrustmaster’s classic controller and we answer your fanmail. :) We want to thank everyone who entered the contest, and also thank you for your continued support. ________________________ Intro Music by Kevin MacLeod

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25 Responses to “WiiNewsNReviews – April 27, 2008”

  • megaverner says:

    That would be pretty pointless, It would have to be so increnibly graphically downgraded in order to work on the Wii

  • xxjunkyxx says:

    joseph is boring -.-

  • xasanakat says:

    Guys you are fucking great!!!!

  • xasanakat says:

    I will give you my sister Patrick(21 years old!!) if you tell my youtube’s username(xasanakat) on your next show!!!!!Greece for ever!!

  • nintendo58 says:

    patrik your´e awesome xD!

  • nicknack1994 says:

    im a wii360ps3 user and i actually agree with epic on how the wii gathers dust i havent played it since i beat brawl and you can only beat re4 so many times and just cuse it’s number one doesnet mean it’s the best most people who buy the wii are family’s im a hardcore gamer and personally i thinick 360 is top dog in hardcore gaming but i do love to play wii dont go bashing me on being a fanboy on not biasied twordes any consous it’s just the wii hasent really released any adult games

  • Nikesb10 says:

    Hey you guys are cool

  • megaverner says:

    I´m also a PSWii60:er, and my favourite is the PS3, because of the Blu-Ray player, the full-HD picture quality and the free online play. Xbox live IS slightly better, but I don´t really think it´s worth 50 bucks ´a year.The Wii is fun, but that´s it. It dosen´t fully satisfy my hardcore gaming needs, but I still love it.

  • Jonny620 says:

    im a 360 ps3 wii user and i use ma 360 all the time my wii occastionaly and my ps3 neva

  • hawkscythe says:

    im a xbox360 ps3 wii gamer i think that ps3 is best cos im a hardcore gamer wii second best cos of its wii exclusive games and xbox 360 third best cos it has hardly any xbox exclusive games but thats just my opinion

  • cyberwaffles says:

    i agree with you megaverner. i don’t own a wii (i’ve played it a lot however), i own a ps3, and i have had two 360′s (both broke on me). i can easily say the ps3 is my favorite with all the cool content, HD quality, blu-ray, built-in web browser, cools games like mgs4, heavenly sword, future release god of war 3, and other stuff. i agree, ps3 is the system for hardcore gaming.

  • hahahahhaahhahhahaha says:

    you beat it 100% that quickly? doubt it.

  • Bo0OmHeadShot says:

    The thrustmaster DOES sound like a dildo, Becuase it rocks hard. When some good fps comes out for wii,with thrustmaster it’ll feel like your on a 360(as long as it is classic controller comaptable), then you could flip out you wii mote and play okami…..DUDE WII ROCKS!

  • calidoniaismyhome says:

    ps3 cos ur a hardcore games:| :| :|

    so am i … yup i picked the Wii.

    (i also have a PC tho.. and its cheaper to upgrade that and warez the games i like than it is to buy a ps3 and buy all its games)

  • hahahahhaahhahhahaha says:

    i’m sorry your a hard core gamer??? what do you play on PS3 that isn’t on Xbox that didn’t get an average rating?? don’t say Haze.

  • hawkscythe says:


    oj i got a ps3 cos of all the upcoming ps3 exclusive games like resi evil 5 and timesplitters 4

    if it makes you happy i like xboxs but just not as much as ps3s

  • hawkscythe says:

    and i wanna get msg4

  • hahahahhaahhahhahaha says:

    Resident evil 5 is on Xbox360 too i think…

  • pmulard says:

    a dildo?!

  • bloodzeil says:

    not the best actors lol, but a good review on games nonetheless. but you really should go more in depth into most of the games and possibly a rating system, sorry i like to critisize whenever i can lol

  • satsugekibukouken says:

    patrick must be a casual person cuz all japanese games are being called dumb by him
    and thise 2 games are actually cool

  • nubanimator says:

    Haze sucks, Timesplitters is meh and resi evil is for 360. MSG4 and Resistance are great, though.

  • Niektendo says:

    re5 is for wii 0.o and xbox360?

  • hahahahhaahhahhahaha says:

    the said part is resident evil five is going on the xbox. Timesplitter’s four isn’t even going to release.

  • omaramellor says:

    This game is very nice I downloaded it online for my nintendo wii for free here GREATGAME (.) org

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