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Punch-Out!! Wii Walkthrough – World Circuit S – Title Defense: Bald Bull [HD]

Title Defense: Bald Bull of Punch-Out!! on the Nintendo Wii. Presented by:

Punch-out Wii: Video Walkthrough: TD Great Tiger

There are a few slightly faster methods, but this one is very easy to pull off

Punch-Out!! Wii Walkthrough Piston Hondo Challenges

I complete all 3 challenges for Piston Hondo. I have not completed a walkthrough for the Major Circuit yet. Hopefully that will be my next run.

Punch-Out Wii Walkthrough Glass Joe Challenges

Challenges. One hit knock down, win without dodging, ducking or blocking and then knock down Glass Joe 3 times and let him win by decision!

Punch-out Wii: Video Walkthrough: TD Von Kaiser

If you choose to counter all the uppercuts, the worse that could happen is you get hit. You’d still complete the challenge if you win.

Punch-out Wii: Video Walkthrough: Donkey Kong

I originally intended to upload this video along with TD sandman, however, the DK footage I had was VERY heavily corrupted, so I had to re record and edit well to get a decent result, that’s also why there was a week long delay between this and sandman. This video is basically 5 matchs spliced together to look like 1. There are some inconsistency that you may notice, and now you know why. If you follow my directions exactly, then he’ll do the attacks shown on the vid. This method is effective but it isn’t easy. You most likely WILL need to practice to get the challenges done. With that said, I’d like to thank you all for the support I’ve gotten while making this series, and I hope you all have enjoyed the videos.