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Watch Mii Play: News Channel

And now it’s time for the News Channel! Nintendo did an excellent job with this channel as well and I highly recommend spending some time with it. The interface is top-notch and navigation is so simple. Just like before, if you have any questions or comments please post them here. Also let me know if you like this video’s layout more or less than my last one. Please watch and enjoy!

Lets Play “Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks” – x360 – Part 1 proudly presents the Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks playthrough on the x360. This playthrough was recorded using the Dazzle DVC170 and was played through on the “Normal” difficulty. This is my first ever play through so please take it easy on me. As I progress and get used to the controls I hope to get better.

Let’s Play Super Mario Galaxy 2 Episode 2: Fattest Man Alive by SSoHPKC

One too many cakes if you ask me. Director’s Channel: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forum – Facebook – Twitter –

Let’s Play Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – 18 – Principle’s password puzzle… FAIL!

READ DESCRIPTION! After my intro, and the cutscene I riff on a bit, STOP WATCHING. I am serious. I do not solve this puzzle, I do not even get the first clue. You will miss nothing. I am not funny. All that will happen is you will see me wander around the same room and have no idea what to do. Even worse I look at the clue I needed and just don’t get it TWICE! This is a warning. Do not complain. I know this episode sucks. Only watch it if you absolutely must listen to me talk whenever you possible can.

Download Wii Games: The Easy Guide To Downloading Nintendo Wii Games

Are you still buying Wii Game’s? STOP, you do NOT need to buy anymore Nintendo Wii Games, You can now download wii games ,Introducing BreWii, with BreWii Channel you can download wii games and play them, not only that but on your own Wii you will also be able to play DVD’s’ Watch DivX movies,Download and backup and play your own Wii games amongst many other things you can do with BreWii , You will be able to download many Homebrew applications , You can do ALL this without lifting a screwdriver , Yes , that’s correct ,Download wii games using BreWii which is a software application , and that means No to Modchip. Which means BreWii is perfectly legal and safe for your Wii,so you can safely download wii games , Also BreWii is compatible with system update 4.2

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Let’s Test Play Little King’s Story – Part 1

join me in fantabulous times as i test Little King’s Story for its let’s playability! I also die