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Dr. Mario Online Review

OVERALL: This is a true fan service to all old Dr. Mario while making it easy for new comers to come in. The online is quite polished but suffers the same fate as most wii games online. The New virus buster mode is extremely fun and a well done refresh on thi classic game. It does need work on the responsiveness of the D-pad but other than that its definitely worth 10 dollars. 9.5/10

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Monster Hunter 3 Online Footage (Part 2/4) – Agnakotol, Roaldos and Arm Wrestling!

Continuing my online video footage… Fighting two more of the new monsters – Agnakatol and Roaldos. I was glad to see Capcom didn’t simply rehash their monsters like they did in the second game. Even though their patterns are pretty similar to old monsters, they’re fun to fight. Then there’s also the mini arm wrestling game… Just don’t know how to play it, though ^^; Full review at…

Call of Duty World at War – Wii Online Highlights Call of Duty – world at war (Wii)

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Dr. Mario Online Rx Gameplay Footage

Here is some gameplay footage of Dr. Mario Online Rx for WiiWare. Look for more footage of this game coming soon.