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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Walkthrough Part 4: Fixed!

There, I updated my last few parts by correcting myself right off the bad with the koopa kids, lol! Plus I demonstrate my cropping technique and why it’s better than leaving it unedited. But from here on out, I’ll crop the parts properly where they need to be cropped. I found a easy technique to do it. While doing that, I clear out the first three stages in World 2! Timestamps: 2-1 0:00 2-2 2:56 2-3 9:54 Enjoy! (This video was made under “Fair Use”)

Calling walkthrough part 17 Wii (Makoto’s Begainning)

This is my walkthrough of the J-Horror game Calling on Nintendo Wii. This game was released last year in Japan, and it is also released recently in North America. In order to make most of you to understand and enjoy the story and gameplay, I purchased the American version recently and decided to use it for the walkthrough instead of the Japanese version. Enjoy the game and if you have any questions related to the game, just send me a message. Thank you!

Avatar:Into the Inferno [Wii] Level 2 (Walkthrough)

Inside the factory. Sorry if its too dark the settings are never right when i try. So Roxeygirl wanted me to help her out with this level n TA DA!!! (i will add notes as guilds when i can XD) n yes i do like to use katara when i fight XD n yes i do go crazy with the (mostly) blue pointer since i am using a Wii n when u move it moves as well =3 its fun to me! XD n this level well u can be katara or aang so u can see it as a Kataang level =) I dont Own Avatar or the game…well i do own a version of the game but i do not own the right to it or watever =P Bahamut16FF

Cancelled Kirby Title (Kirby Wii/ Kirby’s Adventure’s)

Gone Forever……..

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Walkthrough – Airshi- (16)

In this video: World 4-Airship (Up to boss) Honestly I need to quit rushing. Notice I still maintain my sick burns on SMB3 while complimenting it and being really excited it was referenced!

Watch Mii Play: News Channel

And now it’s time for the News Channel! Nintendo did an excellent job with this channel as well and I highly recommend spending some time with it. The interface is top-notch and navigation is so simple. Just like before, if you have any questions or comments please post them here. Also let me know if you like this video’s layout more or less than my last one. Please watch and enjoy!