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Tales of Graces – Trailer di debutto giapponese

Trailer di debutto giapponese per Tales of Graces, esclusiva Nintendo Wii. News:

Embarrassing Wii Winter Olympics*FAIL*

Channel 9′s Today hosts test out the new Wii Fit Winter Olympics game. Little do they know how embarassing they look while playing it.

TSG 2008: Sonic and the Black Knight TSG Sonic and the Black Knight

Big Booty Bitches Animated (L4D2 Parody)

We really had fun with this one! Check out ALostPeople and BUY a copy of this song from them! Raz and Bullidom are hidden in this video somewhere, try and find us!

Metroid Prime 1 Wii Version Walk-Through Part 2

Part 2 of my Metroid Prime 1 Wii version Walk-through. Parasite Queen Boss Battle – 0:43 Items acquired in this video: None Item Checklist: Missile Launcher – Morph Ball – Charge Beam – Morph Ball Bombs – Varia Suit – Boost Ball – Space Jump Boots – Wave Beam – Super Missile – Thermal Visor – Spider Ball – WaveBuster – Ice Beam – Gravity Suit – Power Bomb – Grapple Beam – X-Ray Visor – Ice Spreader – Plasma Beam – Flamethrower – Phazon Suit – Power-up Checklist Chozo Artifacts 0/12 Missile Expansions- 0/49 Energy Tanks 0/14 Power Bomb Expansions 0/4

New Super Mario Bros Wii: Press Conference E3 2009 Demo- Part 2