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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Walkthrough – Part 36: World 4-2 [HD]

World 4-2

Wii news show

Here is my wii news show. I’m talking about the latest wii things. PS This isn’t like Steevie T. 7′s wii news show. PPS I did it by my Vcam now… actually my sister’s Vcam.

SSBB: Stage Showcase – World Martial Arts Tournament

(EDIT: The stage has been released! It’s set up to work over Final Destination at the moment [and will be modified to work on others sometime soon, I hope]. Let me know in the comments if I need to fix anything… other than the absence of shadows and the “stars” in the sky.) (EDIT 2: A while back, Mewtwo2000 uploaded a new version of the stage with my permission, with added shadows and fixed CPUs. You should download that one instead!) or if you hate the grass = death addition. Using my new knowledge of the MDL0 format (which Brawl uses), I have determined that the MDL0 files that a bunch of other Wii games use are… almost exactly the same as Brawl’s MDL0s. Some of you guys might’ve seen videos of other characters in Brawl (Naruto, Ichigo, Darkrai, etc.) on other channels. Those wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t figure out what needed to be changed to get them to be compatible with Brawl. Anyway, here’s the World Martial Arts Tournament stage, straight from DragonBall: Revenge of King Piccolo. There’s still a few things that need to be fixed, such as the camera, but that’ll be done before I release it… which will be sometime tomorrow, barring any complications. Don’t step on the grass — it’s instant death (because in DragonBall, the tournament rules state that you’re disqualified if you step out of the ring, so it only makes sense). Apoc Hedgie ( ) is playing as a red Kirby, with the Fighter Kirby PSA by ALF. I

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Electronic Arts Press Godfather Wii Version Walkthrough


PiMP Daily Dose 5-6/6: Ninety-Nine Nights 2, Reviews, Sony and Wii news

Your daily dose of games, girls and gadgets news. In today’s Dose, we look at Ninety-Nine Nights 2, Prince of Persia, Alpha Protocol and UFC Undisputed 2010 reviews, and Sony and Wii news. Subscribe to our channel also check out for up to date gaming news, mods, glitches and so much more!